Tackling clutter is my first recommendation when it comes to staging a home. It’s a great way for clients to start clearing out items ahead of their move. Here are a few tips to get started.

  1. List your sale on the “Garage Sale” section of Craigslist and on any neighborhood Facebook page groups. Include photos of your more interesting items to attract shoppers.
  2. Ask neighbors and friends if they want to sell their things too. Everybody has something they need to get rid of. People are more likely to stop and shop if they see a variety of items for sale.
  3. If you’re selling appliances, have access to an outlet or an extension cord so people can test them out. Make sure to have some batteries on hand so shoppers can see if battery-operated items work as well.
  4. The bigger the item, the bigger the price tag. Don’t make shoppers hunt around for tiny stickers on your couch or lawn mower.
  5. Have lots of change and small bills on hand, as well as plastic bags shoppers can use to carry home their new treasures.

Beyond decluttering, are you wondering what else you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers? Feel free to call or email – we are here to help.

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